In our fast-changing online world, customers expect a business to be more efficient, deliver value faster, better and with higher levels of quality and service.

In this blog we will zoom in on quality.

Soteria® promotes  quality healthcare and patient safety through its technology  to standardise the processes of care and to ensure that  accurate, up-to-date, reliable  information is available to clinicians where and when they need it most.

This is how Soteria® improves the quality of patient care:
– It has well-integrated modular business components.
– Information is managed in real time.
– It is the first intelligent clinical information system that works like clinicians think.
– It is highly configurable.
– it supports a variety of clinical workflows.
– It was designed and developed specifically with clinicians and healthcare in mind.
– It streamlines outdated systems and process flows.

At Infocare the quality of care is not only in the hands of our customers, the clinicians, who are using our products. But quality has also been embedded in our organisation in the way we build our products and the way we apply quality management in our internal processes.

But what exactly is quality?

One definition of quality is the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something (1).

Quality is often expected to be of a high standard. Our customers are using our products in order to improve their quality of care. That is the reason why we have asked ourselves an important question: ‘How can we deliver high quality products and prove that our way of working is adhering to the same high standards and expectations our customers have when it comes to quality?’

This all started by selecting and implementing an internationally recognised ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS). Becoming certified for ISO9001:2015 (2) was a huge step forward in maturing our business processes and helped us bringing in quality management into important areas of our internal management.

Infocare’s quality policy is based on achieving success through shared commitment and meeting or exceeding customer’s expectations through teamwork, continuous improvement and innovation whilst focusing on quality in everything we do throughout our organization. By identifying our top-level processes within the company, and then managing each of these discretely, we have managed to reduce the potential for nonconforming products or features that are discovered during final processes or after delivery. Instead, nonconformities and risks are identified in real time, by actions taken within each of the top-level processes.

We have documented all our internal processes using IT4IT Reference Architecture framework (3) which is an industry standard for managing the business of IT. This allows us to continuously optimise our business and development processes in order to further align business and IT to work together towards the same objectives and key results (OKRs) (4).

This has brought us to the place where we are today, deliver more value to our customers at a faster pace and still maintain a high level of quality.


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