To empower the continuum of care on a global scale by optimising machine learning, integrating innovative technology and facilitating patient-provider collaboration, one healthcare facility and one patient at a time.

To provide a global clinical healthcare EHR solution that provides unprecedented features, services, and advantages that PATIENTS can access and control; PHYSICIANS can benefit from, EMPLOYEES can be proud of, and where SHAREHOLDERS can achieve long-term profitability.

Our Core Competencies

Strategy & Engagement

  • Client relationship management, business development
  • Ownership & direction of products and services
  • Understanding of clients and partners
  • Supporting clients and partners

Research & Planning

  • Clinical requirements and specifications
  • Product personas
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Analytical and user testing
  • Timelines


  • UX/UI (User Experience)
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • User-friendly
  • Engaging experience


  • System architecture
  • Product development
  • Service integrations
  • Technical engineering

Product Delivery

  • Team management
  • Scope of work & timelines
  • Financial estimates
  • Product backlogs and testing


  • We listen to your challenges and needs
  • Assess each environment
  • Advise on hardware implementations
  • Prepare and provide user product training

Our Testimonials

Dr Chris Landon

“I presented Soteria® with an insoluble problem around clinical data and transferring data to a registry. Problem solved through data scientist and clinician insightful communication.”

Dr Chris Landon
Director of Pediatrics at Ventura County Medical Center, CEO of Landon Pediatric Foundation, and the Technology Development Center.

Management of Infocare Healthcare is committed to supporting their team of experts involved in developing and maintaining Soteria®


Chief Executive Officer

Dr Daniel Stegmann

“I, Daniel Stegmann, CEO and Founder of Infocare, am a healthcare visionary with over 50 years of healthcare experience in private practice and acute care hospitals. My focus is to transform the clinician-patient experience through trusted technology enabling the optimization of clinical and financial workflows.”


General Counsel

Willem Pretorius

Finance/HR Manager

Emma Morgan

Chief Medical Officer

Sarah O'Reilly

Group Product Operations Manager

Hubert Stegmann

Compliant and


View Soteria® Mandatory Disclosure & Costs


This means that Soteria Logo has met the stringent Health IT requirements for a fully functional and secure EHR system. Products certified by ONC-ACB can be trusted by healthcare professionals and patients on the continuum of care as certification proves that the system poses no threat to public health and safety.

By proving itself to be a stellar EHR, Soteria® has taken a giant leap forward as a trusted health IT provider.


ONC CERTIFIED HIT® is a registered trademark of HHS.

This exhibits a high level of our corporate responsibility and is in accordance with regulatory and contract requirements regarding data security, privacy, and IT governance.
Keeping valuable patient and healthcare data secure is crucial and our top priority.

Our products and services conform to the Quality Management System standard, allowing us to meet this requirement with consistency. Additionally, business development and improvement processes are directed at meeting customer expectations.
Through the use of best practices, we continuously enhance the quality of our clinical
solution products and professional services.

EHI Export Functionality 

Soteria enables providers to export out EHI, Electronic Health Information, for individual patients and their patient population at any time without developer assistance.  

Export formats are both HL7 C-CDAs and machine-readable PDFs of their patient charts and records. 

This functionality can be accessed directly from EHR for users with appropriate and assigned permissions. 

Infocare’s Board of Advisors

A Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) was established by Infocare Healthcare in 2013 and is made up of clinical
users, informaticists, SMEs, and hospital Chief Medical Information Officers.


Dr Daniel Stegmann, the Executive Chairman & Founder of
Infocare International, values the board’s guidance, expertise,
and knowledge. Our board recognizes the value of ,
our EHR solution and is currently focused on machine learning
and how healthcare providers utilize and adopt the principles
of these technologies.

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