Patient Access to Soteria®Me


Patient Clinical Information

Infocare Healthcare provides an Application Programming Interface (API) which can be used to obtain clinical information relating to patients on the Soteria® System.

The API uses a secure HTTPS RESTFUL interface, and no additional software components or additional configurations are needed or necessary for an application to implement in order to be able to successfully interact with the API and process its response(s).

External clients wishing to make use of the API can:

– Register to use the API by emailing Infocare at

– Call the API with sufficient information to uniquely identify a patient

Once the above has been completed successfully, the caller will receive a response containing clinical details for the specified date or date range.

Documentation for the API is available at

As the documentation shows, the C-CDA file is returned in a data structure that must be processed by the receiving application to obtain the C-CDA:

“ccd”: “<?xml version=\”1.0\” ?>\n<test>hello world test</test>”

Specifically, the application identifies the C-CDA data identified by its data type (“ccd”:) inside the bracketed data payload returned. The application must also process and replace the backslash (“\”) escape characters in the payload string. Applications will need to process this accordingly to obtain the C-CDA XML data structure.

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