How We Distinguish Ourselves

Human Differentiators

– The Patient

  • Software designed by clinicians for clinicians 
  • Patient Engagement focused 
  • Task automation means reduced workload for everyone 
  • Offers Providers more time to focus on patients 
  • Supports patient visit activities throughout the continuum of care 
  • Enables 360® view of patient allowing enhanced patient care 
  • Accelerate care coordination – engage all factors that play an integral part in the patient’s experience 

Company Differentiators

– Infocare Healthcare

  • Seamless collaboration between in-house healthcare professionals and IT experts 
  • Instinctive relation to Providers’ clinical, financial, and personal challenges  
  • Ethical, accountable, and willing to go the extra mile 
  • Aims to be a partner, not a service provider 
  • Improve and optimize business processes and clinical workflows  
  • Improves patient care AND Provider quality of life 
  • Personal relationships with real people – all the way to the CEO 

Clinical Differentiators

– Soteria®

  • Focussed on automation to improve patient care and reduce errors 
  • Enable medical decision-making through context-sensitive, real-time data and interactions at point of care 
  • Quick single view of the patient medical history provides complete perspective 
  • Collaboration among all care teams to improve communication for superior care 
  • Reduced administrative burden due to streamlined documentation and automated processes 
  • Highly intuitive user interface with advanced automation – aids operational efficiency and avoids burnout  
  • Next generation software with modular design – quick and affordable adaption to your specific requirements 

Financial Differentiators

– Revenue 

  • Cost-effective, cloud-based SaaS solution 
  • Low cost of acquisition and ownership  
  • Increased revenue and cashflow without extra effort 
  • Fully integrated revenue cycle module for seamless operation 
  • Automated coding at the point of care combined with integrated coding and billing verification for greatly improved claim acceptance rates 
  • Processed data from clinical documentation optimize submissions and maximize payments 
  • Integrated and automated audit trails 


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